Portable Fencing – Fast Fencing Solutions

Temporary fencing or portable fencing is used in place of regular fencing. This is because a regular fence needs more time to build, or the price of the installation of a regular fence is high, or the location for its installation is not suitable. So, for these reasons, portable fences are used in lieu of regular fences.

Portable fencing is done for various different uses, such as to control massive crowd, for safety and security reasons, and for privacy purposes. Thus, it can be used for various purposes as needed. The uses of portable fencing are extensively discussed below and you may find that there is indeed a number of advantages in using portable fencing.

Uses Of Portable Fencing:

  • First, authorities use portable fencing a lot in doing crowd control, controlling human traffic and sealing sites for investigation. From road cones to that signature yellow tape that reads “police line do not cross”, anything that works to ward off people is a portable fencing solution used by the authorities.
  • Portable fencing is also normally used in big concerts to control the crowd or to make a barrier for the crowd so that they do not jump onto the stage.
  • It is likewise used to keep people, especially children, from entering dangerous construction areas or other unauthorized areas. It protects high worth objects. It helps organizations monitor the entry and exit of people in conferences or other public gatherings.
  • Portable fencing also protects areas from unwanted intrusions and¬†destruction¬†by the people, such as by their loitering and littering. This is usually necessary in environmentally protected areas.
  • Portable fencing may also be used to temporarily mark the boundaries of properties and to keep the animals herded in the corrals for a specific amount of time.


These portable fences can be obtained from any fence rental company that usually gives temporary fences for reasonable rent prices. These fences are made up of high density plastic or steel or PVC.

Further, high visibility fences are those which are used for security reasons. They work as a barrier in big events where people are usually caught wandering around areas where they are not allowed to enter. This type of portable fencing is also made of high density plastic or even wires mesh and is colored with bright colors to for high alert attention. Most commonly used color for these fences is orange. These are stuck in the ground with the help of metal rods or can be supported by sandbags. They are not as strong, however, as they are not made of hard materials. For this reason, they can only work best as boundary markers.

Privacy fence prices of these temporary fence rentals may vary depending on the region and purpose of use, but they can be obtained by renting them for a day or even for weeks. The rates are adjusted according to the length of use. What is great about renting them is that most often than not, fence rental companies give 24 hours free service and have all the necessary equipment to install and uninstall these portable fences where required.