Privacy Fence Prices – Tips In Estimation and Analysis

Many people consider putting up a fence around their property. The reason for this is in order for them to have privacy as well as to stop nosy neighbors and other people from being where they don’t belong. Fences also act as security guards from unwanted and uninvited visitors who don’t have the homeowner’s well being at heart. There are many aspects to take into consideration to accurately determine privacy fence prices, such as the kind of fences one has.

There are two numerous types of decorative fencing that are installed, a wood privacy fence, vinyl privacy fence, and other privacy fences made of fence related material like iron and composites. When you compare privacy fence pricing, the wooden type is cheaper compared to the vinyl type. A vinyl property enclosure is higher. One of the benefits of using the vinyl version is that it is very easy to maintain compared to other types. This is what makes this a good investment. Related to privacy fence prices, the vinyl material enclosure costs slightly more than double the cost of the wooden enclosure but because of easy maintenance and extended durability, they are well worth the investment.

Analyzing Privacy Fence Prices and Costs:

  • Construction Diagnosis – The first step in calculating privacy fence prices is accurate measurement of dimensions of the installation involved. You will need to measure the size of your property to calculate how many feet of material you will need to fully enclose your property. Do not order the exact amount of needed material, account 5% more to the privacy fence prices calculation to add 5% more of the material to cover potential errors to avoid shortages.
  • Fence Material Selection – Step two is deciding the type of fence you wish to have installed. Select from wood or vinyl keeping in mind the wood fence will need to be replaced sooner than the vinyl fencing. You can also utilize plants to enhance privacy, security and beauty even further. 
  • Ensuring Essentials and Benefits – The next step is to decide the height of enclosure and gaps of the slats to ensure privacy wanted. Consider the amount of privacy you will need but don’t pick something so high that it will take away from the natural beauty of your property. The most popular sizes are six or eight feet high. Going for taller fences would inch up the costs up a notch.

The average cost of a wooden enclosure is around $10 per foot if you purchase 4-feet fences and approximately $15 per foot if you opt for the 6-foot privacy fences. If you have a backyard that is approximate 200 feet, you will end up paying from $2000 to $3000 if you compare privacy fence prices. This cost does not include removal of things that may be in the way such as large rocks or trees and plants. The approximate cost also does not include gates to go in or out of the yard. Gates will increase costs up to $250. If you would like any decorations, you can do it yourself or pay more. The cost includes installation and wall boards as well as treatments for the wood.

Vinyl fence pricing is higher than wood when you compare privacy fence prices. If your property needs 300 feet, the cost of a wooden fence will be from $4000 to $5000 but vinyl fencing prices will be double or more compared to the wood privacy fence prices. This type of fencing will cost from $20 to $30 per foot to install.

One is advised to render his decision wisely and not just to simply base his decision on the privacy fence prices. A highly priced fence does not automatically mean quality. On the other hand, and a low-priced fence does not necessarily mean that the quality is not good. One must compare materials as well in order to make a sound decision. You also need to be updated with current prices for fencing materials and labor as well.